In Praise of 16MM
The Artists Choice

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The 16mm format is popular amongst artists and experimental film makers due to its flexibility, grain and almost canvas like quality. 16mm is still used in most professional industries today such as music videos and TV dramas.

Due to the subject of most of my films, 16mm fullfills the quality I look for and can achieve an appearnace of a seperate reality.

For "Jimmy Knock Knock". It was essential to give the appearance of the actress lit by candle light and for the surrounding environment to be in total blackness.
For this I used a colour negative film, 250ASA, artificial light. Candles on their own are not powerful enough, so to assist in exposure, we used a soft spot light for the subjects face.

The resulting film was converted to black and white, and during this process known as Telecine, any final adjustments of contrast can be made.

16mm is an expensive format so dont just rush into using it if its your first time. Have some idea of what you are doing, always ask people in the industry, understand film speeds, and then experiment to your hearts content. Its only through experimentation and even making mistakes that you progress further towards your desired goal.

Photo: Chris Bowman taken by MHK.