"The entity who torments you in the dark, is only there if
you allow it to be.
As humans; its the unseen we find most scary,....."

Mark Haynes-Kershaw. Dir, J.K.K

Jimmy Knock Knock

To the woman in the tower
I tell you my woe
For my death came abrupt
100 years ago
I was killed by a hammer

I still feel the metal
on the back of my head
Knock Knock Knocking me
Into Death

The blood drained
from my brain
As my killer screamed
Knocking nails in my head
My grave

To the woman in the tower
Please release me
Knock three times near 12
And together we shall be.

Dimensionville Films


Music by Andrew B Jones

11 mins approx

*Note: This film is not yet available on Youtube due to festival submissions.