Film maker, violinist, poet and devout Spiritualist,
Mark Haynes-Kershaw graduated from Manchester University in 1994 with a design degree. In 1995 he moved to Amsterdam where he started making short experimental films, some of which were in 3-D.

Gathering 3 years of experience in the independent Dutch film industry he then moved to Brighton to continue his work with the Lighthouse Media Centre. After this he moved to London to start making and exhibiting work in National and International Film Festivals.

London has the best resouces for independent film makers and in 2001 he had his first film WASP 3-D televised on a late night slot for Sci-Fi Channel and a screening at the 16th London Gay Film Festival in the prestigious National Film Theatre.

He made 2 more films whilst living in London. The Generator and Ectoplasmic. Both had various degrees of success both in the UK and abroad.

In 2003 he took his work to Paris where he lived for 3 years and generated ideas for future projects.

Now back in the UK, Mark has just finished a short horror film titled "Jimmy Knock Knock" and has plans in 2012 to make a medley of five films in one titled "Auntie Claire's Halloween".


Photo: Mark Haynes-Kershaw (Transmission) Jamie Scott (Scientist)
The inspiration for this main photo can be seen here.