WARNING!! This will change the shape of your body, and alter the state of your mind.


Have you ever wondered where all the energy from a gym workout goes?

To their horror, Henry and Joe soon find out in a place called.


Henry and Joe are two regular guys living in London. They made a promise with each other to get fit in the new year, so each morning before work they attend a cheap local gym called "The Generator".

One moring during a fitness session Joe has an accident, what looks like a sparin of the wrist, in fact, turns out to be an electric shock from the equipment. However; when it happens he, is quickly escorted downstairs by the sinister manager. When Joe emerges, he is fighting fit but with a personality of a 'Stepford Wife'.

Perplexed by this, his friend Henry fakes his own accident so he can be taken to the basement of the Generator to see what is really going on.

Stephen Blackborrow (bottom left),
Matthew Lesslar (top) and
Aiman Zahabi (bottom right)

20 mins approx

Also available in 16mm optical sound.