Dimensionville Films currently own the original Spiricom recordings.

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From 1979 to 1982, George Meek and Bill O'Neil developed a device they
dubbed the “Spiricom” (short for spirit communication).  The Spiricom was a set of 13 tone generators spanning the frequency range of the adult male voice.

Recordings of the Spiricom in action still exist today, though nobody has
been able to duplicate the results, to date.  The Spiricom gave off a loud
buzz when in operation, due to the frequency generators.  The idea was to
use the different frequency waves being generated, as a carrier signal of the voice of any willing disembodied human who spoke from the other side of the grave.


After the two men worked on the Spiricom for some time, "then a most
amazing thing happened.”  A spirit voice began to get wrapped up in the
radio waves.  The spirit voice claimed to belong to deceased Dr George
Jeffries Mueller (a NASA scientist).  Dr. Mueller assisted the two men in
improving the Spiricom device (Dr. Mueller being a scientist himself) from the spirit realm.   George Meek and Bill O’Neil recorded more than twenty hours
of dialog with Dr. Mueller, through the Spiricom. Spiricom now resides in Florida, under high security, in an aircraft hanger.

The original Dr Mueller (left) and Mark Haynes-Kershaw (right) in character for the website composition.

Although Spiricom was a voice communication device, we decided to use artistic licence and depict Spiricom as a televisual system to the spirit world just like this tranmission of Dr Mueller in Germany.

Many thanks to Jamie Scott who played the scientist and to Helen Barnes for photography of MHK.